Sunday Icelandic Day

Sunday Icelandic Day

Veiga Gretarsdottir Will give a talk introducing her circumnavigatium of Iceland 2019

Veiga goal is to become the first icelandic woman, and first trans-woman, to kayak around Iceland during the summer of 2019. She has already started her preparations for this ambitious project, including training and fund raising. She will also be raising funds for Pieta, an organization which provides support and counselling to people dealing with suicidal thoughts and suffering from grief dueto the loss of a loved one from suicide.

Magnús or Maggi from Iceland.

Will be talking about kayaking in Iceland and giving a slideshow of trips from the beautiful West fjords of Iceland and the stunning paddling area of Breiðafjorður on the West coast of Iceland where we have thousands of islands with interesting tidal streams inbetween them with lots of native and visiting bird and sea life to experience

The symposium of Iceland in August 2019 is an ideal excuse to come to Iceland and seeit all with your own eyes.